Complementary Cancer Care

Virtual Studio

Welcome to our Virtual Studio where you will find our OnDemand Classes and Educational Programs that you can attend at your convenience 24/7, from the comfort of your chair, bed, garden, at the infusion center or waiting for an appointment… we’re here for you whenever and wherever you need us!

Check out each of our Studios below – our doors are always open!

Holistic Healthy Living Studio

Holistic Healthy Living provides educational workshops on a variety of topics as we learn more about what it means to live with a cancer diagnosis and how to thrive during and after treatment.  What are some things we can to do help prevent recurrence?  Discover how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, manage side-effects, and allow your spirit to soar.


Nutrition Studio
Nutrition Workshops and Recipes

Our Virtual Studios offer ways to help feed the mind, soul, spirit, and in our Nutrition Studio, we concentrate on feeding the body!  Discover the importance of healthy nutrition, both during and after treatment; how to deal with the changes in what we can and no longer can eat; and add some tasty new recipes to your kitchen.

Mind-Body Studio

Mind-Body classes and exercises are designed to release mental, emotional and physical tension.  Come visit us anytime you need a bit of stress relief or just a quick break from your day. Looking for a way to de-compress?  Our studio is always open!

OnDemand classes include:

Gentle Exercise Studio

Did you know the best way to combat fatigue is through exercise?  Gentle movement and physical exercise help to reduce stress; increase range of motion and balance; circulate blood, lymph, and energy.  Stay limber with gentle stretching.  Remember that even a little exercise goes a long way in promoting well-being.

OnDemand classes include:

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