Tai Chi with Allen – Feb 2024

Tai Chi with Allen – Feb 2024

54:45 minutes

Have you ever wondered what our Tai Chi classes are all about?  Have you wondered if it may be too difficult for you to do?  Our Tai Chi classes, expertly led by Allen Riggert, are specifically designed for cancer patients and survivors with gentle movements and calming breathwork.  All movements are easily adaptable to your own abilities.

Tai Chi is held online via Zoom and this video is a recording of one of our Feb 2024 classes.  While Allen is standing throughout the class, all of the participants are sitting in a chair.  Movements are slow and relaxing, while helping to increase blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce stress hormones, and work to improve flexibility, strength, and range of motion without putting excessive strain on the body.

So, take a look and see what our Tai Chi classes are all about.  We invite you to join us live on Zoom each Monday and Thursday – register on our calendar.

“Small Movements have Big Impacts.”

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