Complementary Cancer Care

30 Miles in 30 Days

Walkathon Fundraiser: 30 Miles in 30 Days

Dust off your walking shoes for our Annual Walkathon Fundraiser: 30 Miles in 30 Days!

Join Lorien Neargarder, our Mind-Body Director and walk 1 mile (or more) a day, every day during the month to raise funds for Complementary Cancer Care.  For even more fun, ask some friends to sponsor your walk for a $1 per mile.

Walking 1 mile a day for a whole month builds a healthy habit for YOU and when you donate $30 ($1 per mile) to Complementary Cancer Care, you help to provide free services for people facing cancer.  Folks process their cancer experience in a variety of ways, so our organization offers a variety of tools:

✨ Advocacy

✨ Education

✨ Social Support

✨ Mind-Body Classes

✨ Creative Expression Classes

✨ Wig Boutique

Need support and encouragement? Join our Facebook GroupWe Walk for Cancer Care to connect with our other walkers!