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Mind Body Classes

Practices That Meet You Where You Are

We offer movement and meditation classes that are accessible; this means that they are free of charge, thoughtfully designed for all bodies, minds and levels of experience. Our classes are delivered in a variety of formats:

  • Live, online Tai Chi and Meditation via Zoom; please register for these classes on the Calendar
  • In-person Chair Yoga (2 locations) coming in January
  • On-demand audio / video recordings via our new Virtual Studio 
  • In-person via the Partner Program

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Free weekly class incorporates gentle movements, mindful breathing, and visualization to counter the stress of managing cancer. In this class you will learn to reduce stress with breathing and mindfulness techniques, increase range of motion and balance, and circulate blood, lymph, and energy.

This is a beginner’s class.  No prior experience is required, all levels of health are welcome, and the classes are available to patients, caregivers, cancer survivors, as well as any professionals working with cancer patients.

All practices incorporate upper body movements that can be done either standing or seated comfortably in a chair.

ONLINE considerations: Find a spot where you have a strong wi-fi signal and minimal background noise.  Log on at least 5-10 minutes before the start time, or earlier to join our community chat. Please turn on your video camera on so that your teacher can see you.




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PROVIDER SPOTLIGHT: Allen Riggert, Tai Chi instructor

“In addition to all the health benefits, Tai Chi is fun. There is no correct or incorrect way of practicing; the only requirement is that you are breathing.”

For 12 years, Allen Riggert has been teaching Mind-Body classes in Brevard County. During that time, he was introduced to Tai Chi as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s holistic approach to health and longevity. After a few years of teaching Tai Chi – a practice that combines movement, posture, breathing, and awareness – he experienced firsthand what studies have shown: a regular Tai Chi practice provides relief from stress, improves general health, supports longevity, and promotes personal growth and happiness. When Allen met Complementary Cancer Care in 2019, he knew that the health benefits of Tai Chi would be useful to cancer patients and their caregivers. Allen felt so strongly about serving cancer patients that he volunteered his classes for the first year! His invitation to all is to, “Show up, practice sitting or standing, enjoy the classes, meet new people, laugh and just have fun.”



This free weekly online class provides simple and effective breath and meditation exercises designed to release mental, emotional, and physical tension. We will use the breath and a variety of styles of meditation to enhance our capacity to be calm, aware, and fully present.

Meditations can be done seated comfortably in a chair.

ONLINE considerations: Find a spot where you have a strong wi-fi signal and minimal background noise.

Log on at least 5-10 minutes before the start time, or earlier to join our community chat. Turning your video camera on so that your teacher can see you is optional.

This is a beginner’s class. No prior experience required.  If you would like to sample a meditation, check out our new Virtual Studio – Meditation where we have several on-demand meditations available 24/7.



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All New!  We are offering monthly Reiki Sound Bath sessions by Unified Therapy Practitioner, Laura Scott, LMT of Laura Scott Holistic Healing in Cocoa Beach. Enjoy the healing power of sound, frequency and vibration.  Allow your mind, body, and spirit to relax. Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, rain sticks, and tuning forks are all used to move and release stuck energy in the body.  It is a relaxing experience.  Sessions will be held on the first Friday of the month at the Space Next Door in Cocoa Beach.

The first session will be on February 1, 2024, at 3:00 – 4:00 pm. Space is limited to 10 so you must pre-register on our calendar.  We cannot take walk-ins.

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On-Demand Audio / Video Recordings.

Visit our new Virtual Studio where you will find our OnDemand Classes and Educational Programs that you can attend at your convenience 24/7, from the comfort of your home, garden, pool area or any place you find relaxing!


Don’t see a class that interests you listed on our calendar? Complementary Cancer Care knows the importance of Mind-Body practices for our cancer community, so we’ve partnered with Health First to offer you your choice of local classes, free of charge. 

Participants who are eligible for this program are cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers. To qualify: 

  • To qualify you must first schedule an Assessment Interview with us. Please call 321-266-0564 or email us at [email protected] for more information.
  • Based on your interests and discussion during your Assessment Interview and receipt of your Doctor’s Release, our organization will give you an introductory voucher to sample the local classes of your choice. Note: one voucher per person.

Some examples of local Mind-Body practices we recommend are:


Jeanette Gray
located in Merritt Island and Cocoa
Phone: 407-312-3802
Email: [email protected]

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Muhammad Haqq
Holding classes in Riverside Park, located in Cocoa Village
Phone: 321-634-4555
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page:

Gentle Yoga

The Yoga Garden
1482 Pineapple Ave, Melbourne
Phone: 321-831-4917
Email: [email protected]

The Yogi Perogi
281 N Babcock St, Melbourne
Phone: 321-345-9379


Zumba with Virginia
Online via Zoom
Phone: 321-506-2231
Email: [email protected]

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Why A Mind-Body Practice?

Did you know that how we feel affects how we heal?

Think about it.  When we are stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or in emotional pain, we feel it physically.  When you feel stressed, your body ramps up production of the stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine.  This triggers the start of the stress response and if excess stress hormones are released far too often, your stress response becomes imbalanced; it’s not shutting off. Your immune system suffers as a result.

As we know, cancer treatments are already physically battering our immune systems and a cancer diagnosis ramps up our stress levels.  Ever wonder why we hear that a positive attitude can promote our healing?  It helps to lower our stress response!

So just like we put so much emphasis on exercise, nutrition, and healthy eating – the most important thing you can do for yourself is to keep your nervous system balanced and regulated on a regular basis. A well-balanced ANS improves quality of life, improves overall health and wellness, and promotes systemic healing.

Therefore, regular stress management is crucial for just about everyone – whether you are currently in treatment, after treatment, or are a caregiver.

There is much research and scientific literature on the benefits of meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, herbal remedies, and the like and we find the medical community embracing these complementary practices.

A Mind-Body practice not only lowers our stress levels but causes the body to release the “feel good” hormones – dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin – promoting a well-balanced ANS which is essential for systemic healing.

We invite you to start your Mind-Body practice today!  We offer live online classes, on-site classes through our Partner Program, and On-Demand classes offered 24/7 through our Virtual Studio!