Expressive Writing Group with David Richman

May 18, 2023
34:30 minutes

Author & Motivational Speaker David Richman joins our Expressive Writing Group and speaks about his experience writing Cycle of Lives, which chronicles the remarkable stories of 15 cancer survivors he meets while biking across the country – 5,000 miles in six weeks – while sorting out his own emotions over having lost his sister to cancer years before.

David talks about navigating the emotional trauma of a cancer diagnosis (and in life) and how Expressive Writing – telling your cancer story – can help to reduce the negative self-talk we carry in our minds, leading to a more healing outlook.

For anyone struggling with the emotions associated with cancer, whether you are a patient, survivor, caregiver, or family member, Complementary Cancer Care offers support, free of charge, through our Education & Navigation services.

We offer private consultations with one of our personalized cancer information and education specialists. As patients, survivors, and caregivers become more knowledgeable about cancer, they often find that the fear and anxiety that comes with a diagnosis can be significantly diminished.  Our oncology nurse provides one-on-one cancer education and health coaching, while our social worker focuses on mental/emotional health and life skills.

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Cancer and Fatigue

47:15 minutes

Featuring Amy Fentress, Lorien Neargarder, and Sally Serrano, Complementary Cancer Care discusses cancer and fatigue from the perspective of a cancer patient, an oncology nurse and a movement and meditation specialist.

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CANcer Prevention 101

28:54 minutes

CANcer Prevention 101 with Nicole Santapola of Orlando Health

Can you prevent cancer? Join us for this 30-minute webinar to learn the basics and what you can do to decrease your risks, preventing most cancers. In recognition of National Cancer Prevention Month.

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Food & Nutrition Basics, Part 2

43:22 minutes

Whether you are a cancer survivor or wanting more information on prevention, eating whole-foods plant-based is proven to be optimal for your health. Let’s get in the kitchen and have some fun! Join holistic nutritionist Nicole Santapola, BS, CNE, from Orlando Health Cancer Institute for this plant-based cooking class where we will start with easy recipes and put our knowledge to work.

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Food & Nutrition Basics, Part 1

45:42 minutes

Join Nicole Santapola, Program Manager for Health Education and Cancer Prevention at Orlando Health Cancer Institute, and learn the basics of food and nutrition for cancer prevention. She has a Bachelors in Health Administration from University of Central Florida and an avid Gator fan, where her college career began. For over 15 years, Nicole has been instrumental in bringing education to oncology professionals.

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